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Mohammed Salah, known as Dastor, is a Kurdish singer which sings different styles of music as (Rap , Pop). Dastor has released an album under the name (Gel Min Dabe). The album consists of eight tracks which are all lyrics, melodies and arrangement of music are made by him

Dastor was born in 3/11/1995. In 2010 has started his music career. He has finished his school and went to art institution, Music department in Duhok. He became pianist and guitarist. Dastor finished his education and opened a Studio. He started working in his studio (2nd Record) of music production and produced and arranged more than 100 music tracks for modern Kurdistan singers. As well as being a part in their works as lyricist and composer.


DASTOR -(Jiwan Chava) ژوان چاڤا)دەستور )(Official Video)

Dastor - BARAN ده‌ستور - باران (OFFICIAL AUDIO)

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